Hull Coop Service Center


The Hull Coop Service Department located along Highway 18 offers a full line of auto and truck repairs. We repair all makes and models of vehicles, both new and old.  

We offer a full line of maintenance for your vehicle as well. From a transmission service to keep your transmission working at it’s best, to a fuel system service providing the best fuel efficiency and performance. We also offer a coolant system flush to keep your car running cool on the hottest days. We have ASE and ASE Master certified technicians who know your car inside and out. We focus on our customer's needs. In the auto repair line we have the newest and best in computer programs to diagnose and repair your vehicles. Recently, we added a computer interface for tracking your vehicle history.  Each time you take your car, truck, or van in we will know what maintnance was performed last time and suggest what needs to be done in the future.

Does your air conditioner blow warm air? We have technicians who are trained in heating and air conditioning who can help locate the problem. Does your transmission shift kind of tough? Give us a call to repair or replace your existing transmission. Is your Check Engine, ABS, TCS, Brake or other warning light on in your dash letting you know there may be a problem? Does your car steer hard or clunk or is your exhaust too loud (or to quiet)? We also offer a full line of custom or stock exhaust replacement. Give us a call and let our experts schedule an appointment to repair your vehicle. 

We also offer a full line of auto, ag and semi tires. Our tire truck will come out to your field during harvest to repair a combine tire so you can get back to harvest quickly.


The Hull Coop Service Center has truck technicians who can do all kinds of engine, brake and rear end repairs on all makes and models of trucks. We also are certified to do DOT truck and trailer inspections. So call us next time your truck has a problem.  



Hull Coop Service Center: 439-1140